Our Mission

Embracing Your Motherhood is the next step for PMAD moms transitioning into a larger community of moms/families. Many do not feel comfortable entering mainstream Mom groups as a result of their experiences with PMADs.  Embracing Your Motherhood will provide a group environment for discussing the change from active PMADs to recovery, challenges of parenting (with or without anxiety/depression that isn’t PMAD), stress/time management skills, nutrition for mom/children, and other topics relevant to the population. 

Embracing Your Motherhood Facilitators will coordinate with the community to have a speaker who will come in to discuss a topic of interest or lead an activity.  Topics and activities could include meditation, yoga class, parenting skills, reiki, cooking class, massage, and other subjects that support moms in their day to day life. This will also help moms to discover resources available to them in their communities. 

Embracing Your Motherhood Facilitators will act as a link to upcoming events and activities happening in Monmouth and Ocean Counties by providing the necessary details at the end of each group meeting. This will help moms expand their network of fellow warrior moms, communities, facilities, etc. that can become a part of their social life. 

you can't pour from an empty cup

Age Range
Toddlers 1-5 yrs old. 

Embracing Your Motherhood is open to PMAD moms with children of any age (as some are transitioning out before 1 year and some after) up to age 5 years old.  This age range is for that of the youngest child. 


Dean’s Natural Food Market
1119 State Route 35
Ocean, NJ 07712

Every other Thursday - Beginning July 5th
6:30pm - 7:30pm

Disclosure: Children are welcome, however if you can make child care arrangements during this time, that would be preferred.

Embracing Your Motherhood will meet bi-weekly on the same day/time. We are flexible to the needs of the mothers attending and the day/time may be subject to change to meet the needs of the majority. Email a Facilitator via our Facebook Page to confirm before attending.

Additional Information

Embracing Your Motherhood has a private and closed Facebook page. At every meeting, participants will be required to sign-in and we will ask if you would like to be added to the page. The page will act as a way to update participants of any changes to the group schedule or location. Facilitators will upload information of upcoming events to the page as well. This page will provide participants another way of connecting to each other, to potentially make plans on your own.

Embracing Your Motherhood Facilitators will monitor the page and make appropriate changes when necessary. Our goal is to open doors to new encounters and watch you BLOOM.

A Welcome Packet with resources will be given to each participant on their first day.